ADNET’s Response to COVID-19

ADNET Technologies continues to monitor the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and our hearts go out to everyone affected. Rest assured, we are continuing to support our clients and will provide updates and additional IT resources as needed. If you need help with your business continuity plan or adapting to working remotely in a secure environment, reach out to us – we’re here for you.

ADNET Technologies COVID-19 Response
MSP Stimulus Pledge

ADNET Technologies Pledges to Protect Jobs, Support Communities through COVID-19 Response, Recovery

April 22, 2020: ADNET Technologies has pledged to support its employees, clients and communities as local economies across the country continue to be battered by the economic storm caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was one of the first in the nation to sign the “MSP Stimulus Pledge” – a commitment to protect jobs, contribute to economic stability and build for the future.

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What We're Thinking

ADNET’s preparedness for COVID-19 extends beyond enabling remote workers. We've taken many steps to protect the health and safety of our employees, as well as to ensure the continuity of service to our clients. In these blog posts, our team shares how ADNET is adapting to continue to provide service to our clients and what we’re learning about relevant technologies.

What We Know About Exposure Notification Security

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating an urgent need for technical solutions to assist in the critical process of digital contact tracing. Apple has now released iOS 13.5 to the general public, including the exposure notification API framework it developed with Google. In this blog, I’m going to take a deeper look at how these solutions work from a technical perspective and the potential security considerations.

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Contact Tracing, Privacy and COVID-19

Digital contact tracing is an emerging technology in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While innovative, intriguing and necessary, it raises some interesting privacy and employment law concerns. My co-author Dan Schwartz and I share our initial thoughts on this evolving issue.

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How to Protect Yourself from Zoombombing

A new type of attack, called “Zoombombing” or “Zoomraiding” specifically targets the over 200 million daily Zoom meeting participants that now rely on the video conferencing solution for remote work, remote education and social connection.

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Working from Home: Cybersecurity Safety During COVID-19

Even in times like these, the need for proper security never stops. If anything, we are seeing dramatic increases in security threats as bad actors try to capitalize on the chaos and people’s quest for any information on COVID-19. That, along with the nature of our work being different now put us in a spot where organizations need to re-evaluate their security.  

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Transitioning to “The New Normal” 

I shared my thoughts on the developing COVID-19 situation and ADNET’s preparedness. It’s amazing how much has happened just over the course of the last week, necessitating a follow-up to my first post. As we all attempt to transition to “the new normal,” I’ll share how ADNET is adapting to continue to provide service to our clients and what we’re learning in hopes that this information helps others. 

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Adapting to Working Remotely

Not everyone is used to working remotely. It often takes a different set of skills and those may not come naturally to everyone. Here are my tips on working from home while keeping your sanity, getting work done, and still feeling like you’re part of the team. 

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A Leader’s Thoughts on COVID-19

ADNET’s preparedness for COVID-19 extends beyond just enabling remote workers. We’re sharing a quick checklist to help prepare your business for situations like this, including how you can ensure your team has access to the tools and technology they need to keep working.

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Important Resources

Hackers are exploiting anxiety about Coronavirus and using COVID-19 themed messaging in phishing attacks. To protect yourself and your organization from cybersecurity threats, ADNET encourages you to follow official government and healthcare organizations and get your health guidance from them. Here are just a few of the organizations/websites we’re closely monitoring:


Need help with your business' COVID-19 response? Reach out to our experts. We're here to help.