cybersecurity services

Cybersecurity Services

Security is an essential part of any business strategy.

Anyone can say they’re a cybersecurity expert, but at ADNET, we’re a cybersecurity company that has the proof to back it up. Our dedicated cybersecurity team has decades of experience and numerous high-level certifications. Whether you are looking for fully managed cybersecurity services, have experienced a cybersecurity event, want cybersecurity training, or you’d like to assess your current strategy and risk – you can trust that you’re working with true professionals.

How safe is your organization from a cyber attack?
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  • Foundations Security

    Our managed cybersecurity services provide the protection your business needs to defend against security threats. Businesses of all sizes and industries are now constant targets of ransomware, malware, phishing attempts and social engineering.

    Our proactive Foundations Security solutions help prevent cybersecurity incidents using the latest tools, including threat detection, patching, monitoring, DNS protection and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response).

    ADNET’s dedicated cybersecurity team and SOC (Security Operations Center) oversee all Foundations Security Services and provide expert guidance.

    I. Foundations Protect

    If you’re looking for proactive protection for your team, Foundations Protect is a great starting point.

    • Includes on-demand online Security Awareness Training for your team
    • Includes DNS protection
    • Ensures your devices are continually patched, updated and protected against known threats
    • Defines the right cybersecurity strategy to keep you protected, using custom threat mapping to figure out what types of risk your business is most susceptible to
    • Sets advanced alerting and risk scoring to accurately measure your business’ risk threshold

    II. Foundations Sentry

    If you’re looking for advanced logging and reporting along with threat detection, Foundations Sentry can help.

    • Monitors your systems 24x7x365 using trend monitoring updated continuously with the latest global threat intelligence, threat analysis and early detection
    • Minimizes disruption to your business, loss of data and irreparable damage to your company’s reputation in the event of a cybersecurity incident
    • Alerts your organization to legitimate threats and provides recommendations for how to protect your systems
    • Includes daily monitoring and threat detection along with regular reporting, analysis and strategic guidance to help minimize your risk

    III. Foundations Detect + Respond

    If you’re looking for the ability to stop a cybersecurity attack in its tracks and roll your systems back to a pre-infected state, Foundations Detect + Respond, is for you. This comprehensive cybersecurity solution provides defense, detection and remediation for today’s advanced cybersecurity threats.

    • Includes advanced endpoint threat management and remediation services to stop active threats and minimize harm using a sophisticated endpoint detection and response solution (EDR)
    • Backed by support from our 24×7 Security Operations Center team

    Watch our demo to see Detect + Respond in Action!

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training

    One of the easiest and most affordable ways to prevent a cybersecurity event is by educating your employees. Consider partnering with a trusted cybersecurity company and investing in Cybersecurity Awareness Training. ADNET’s dedicated cybersecurity team offers easy-to-understand training designed for business owners and their teams.

    You’ll receive an overview of current cybersecurity threats and trends, learn how to protect yourself and your company’s data and how to respond to an attack.

    • Self-paced online training can be used on-demand
    • In-person, expert-led sessions are also available

  • Security Assessments & Testing

    Every weakness in your network is an open invitation to hackers. Organizations that fall under medical, financial, government or other regulatory compliance requirements need to understand exactly how susceptible they might be to cybersecurity threats.

    Do you know what your risks are?

    ADNET’s cybersecurity services can help you discover and resolve cybersecurity issues through advanced security assessments and testing. Our credentialed security professionals are committed to using ethical hacking techniques safely and responsibly, helping clients discover vulnerabilities before attackers do.

    I. Risk Assessment

    A Risk Assessment determines your level of exposure and helps you develop a plan to protect your business.

    A Risk Assessment includes:

    • A vulnerability scan of your network, looking for weaknesses and flaws in technology, software, policies and procedures throughout your organization
    • A detailed report showing the likelihood of a cybersecurity event and its potential impact on your organization
    • Recommendations for improving your cybersecurity

    II. Vulnerability Assessment

    ADNET recommends an Internal/External Vulnerability Assessment when you need to determine how vulnerable your network is to an attacker.

    As part of the Vulnerability Assessment, we will:

    • Use the latest technologies to scan the most important assets on your network looking for flaws that could be exploited
    • Provide our findings and analysis, with each risk clearly explained and categorized by priority (high, medium or low)
    • Offer recommendations for dealing with each weakness and mitigating your overall risk

    III. Penetration Testing

    Penetration Testing begins with an assessment of the network and identification of any weaknesses.

    At your request, ADNET’s credentialed security professionals will:

    • Safely exploit vulnerabilities in your network in order to show how a hacker might gain access to your systems or conduct a malicious attack
    • Highlight susceptible areas for attack
    • Validate the efficacy of systems, policies and procedures in place
    • Conclusively show how your employees respond to potential cybersecurity threats

    IV. Phishing Campaigns

    Social engineering, or “phishing,” is one of the biggest threats to your organization, primarily because these types of attacks are so successful. Using expert knowledge and tools, we can safely test your team’s knowledge of phishing attempts.

    ADNET’s dedicated cybersecurity team will:

    • Create campaigns to safely simulate phishing emails sent to your employees and track the results
    • Pinpoint where your biggest vulnerabilities are and use the results of the Phishing Campaign as a teaching opportunity for your team
    • Provide expert recommendations to inform and educate your team on avoiding future cybersecurity threats

  • Help After a Security Breach

    Incident Response is critical after a cybersecurity event to identify the issues and prevent further damage. Our team of cybersecurity experts has experience dealing with crises and can help your business get back on track quickly.

    Our dedicated cybersecurity team can:

    • Use digital forensics, log analysis and more to find where the attackers breached security measures
    • Help remediate the issues to stop further damage
    • Advise on how to proceed in a way that protects your organization and reputation, if you have reporting obligations


Enhancing your security with advanced skillsets.

Our deep expertise offering unbeatable cybersecurity services can be seen by the recognition our team has received from prestigious organizations in our industry.

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Here’s what our clients have to say

ADNET has provided our firm with security advisory services to determine our level of exposure to certain threats. In multiple instances, ADNET has taken action to protect us and reached out to me to communicate the impact of those actions. When I spoke with them, the level of attention I received made me feel like I was their only client, and that is a skill! When it comes to cybersecurity, ADNET’s proactive actions are always way ahead of the curve, even before we know what is happening. I am very grateful to have the ADNET team watching out for us.

D. G., Greater Hartford Law Firm

Tim Weber spoke to our group on cybersecurity during our Annual Meeting. We appreciated that Tim spoke with terms we could understand and was willing to answer any and all of our questions on this very important topic. The presentation was informative, helpful, interesting and fun. I heard nothing but positive comments from my staff.

V. T., Greater Hartford Law Firm
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