With new modern office in Rocky Hill, flexibility for employees and brand evolution, ADNET aims to attract technology talent to Connecticut

ADNET Technologies, a managed IT, cloud and security services provider, announced a new office location in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, that will be designed to encourage collaboration and innovation. After the firm made the decision to permanently remain in its work-from-anywhere environment earlier this year, it began planning new collaborative workplaces that operate as gathering spaces where people share ideas and develop solutions. The Rocky Hill office will serve as the company’s corporate headquarters, and MachBlue Defense, an independent cybersecurity firm that ADNET recently launched, will be co-located at the office.

Unlike a traditional office that typically provides separate, siloed spaces for heads-down work, ADNET’s new workplace will have no private offices. Instead, the workstations and meeting spaces will be shared by everyone. The firm has made intentional design choices based on its vision of building community and harnessing the power of spontaneous face-to-face interaction to drive innovation.

“Our new Connecticut office will be designed to empower our talented team to do their best work. They have the flexibility and tools to work from anywhere, and now they’ll have an inspiring space to come together to connect, collaborate and innovate,” said Christopher Luise, Co-CEO of ADNET Technologies. “This period of transformation at ADNET Technologies has been fueled by our people-first culture and our commitment to helping people adapt and achieve their goals. From our new collaborative workplaces and evolved brand identity to the really good coffee we have in the office café, we are doing big things and small things to build a company that technologists want to be a part of.”

Just as it does for its clients, ADNET has built a cloud-based and secure work-from-anywhere environment that empowers its team to operate from wherever they’re most productive. As they discussed the benefits and potential consequences of permanently remaining in the remote work stature adopted during the pandemic, ADNET’s executive leadership team realized there was a missing link. While they had the cloud connectivity and people-first culture to make it work, they needed a shared, flexible space where their team could safely come together to collaborate.

The new Connecticut office is ADNET’s next big step as it reimagines the work environment across its office locations. One of its key partners in the design and buildout of its offices has been OFI, a furniture provider and Herman Miller Certified Dealer that has assisted ADNET in designing a space that aligned with its vision.

“The purpose and function of the modern office has been completely redesigned. ADNET Technologies recognized the opportunity it had to lead from the front in this movement, and we’re grateful for our partnership to achieve this vision,” said Deborah Laviero, Executive Vice President of Organizational Development for OFI. “Working together, we’re building an environment that will become a model – not for the offices of tomorrow, but for the offices needed to compete and thrive today. It will be a space that helps ADNET foster innovation, harness the full capabilities of its workforce, and attract, retain and develop talent.”

Located at 400 Capital Blvd. in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, ADNET’s new 6,000-square foot workplace will feature meeting rooms and collaboration spaces as well as a designated wellness space with complete privacy where any employee can go for a variety of needs. In addition to office infrastructure such as presentation screens and glassboards, it will have the commercial-grade high-speed internet access that its employees need to be productive, as well as sit-stand convertible desks with large built-in monitors and storage units that convert to seating to encourage spontaneous collaboration. The ADNET team will also have access to a fitness center, multi-use training rooms and onsite “grab & go” catering options.

ADNET employs over 60 people across its company, and it is actively recruiting more IT professionals to join its team. In addition to the flexible work-from-anywhere environment, it offers progressive benefits packages, including a 100% covered healthcare option and a Responsible Time Off (RTO) policy that doesn’t limit the amount of time any employee can take off. Its newly launched cybersecurity-focused subsidiary, MachBlue Defense, is also hiring.

In 2020, ADNET’s successful response to client needs amid the pandemic led to significant growth. It has created opportunities to reinvest in the firm and plan for the future. It recently debuted a new visual identity that represents its evolution as a company and a brand, and it opened a new collaborative workplace in Albany, New York, similar to its Connecticut office. As ADNET looks to continue its expansion, the firm intends to use its latest office designs as templates for other markets. 

“The way forward requires us to continuously learn and adapt – for both our team and our clients who rely on us to help them navigate rapid changes in technology,” Luise said. “We’re building this space as a cultural and technological center for our employees, clients and business partners. The thoughtful changes and investments we’re making will help us grow in ways that best serve our clients, employees and communities.”

About ADNET Technologies

Founded in 1991, ADNET Technologies is a SOC 2, Type II Compliant IT management and security firm with offices in Rocky Hill, CT and Albany, NY. ADNET works closely with clients to provide industry-leading service across three core areas – Managed IT Services, Security, and Cloud – and is distinguished by its human-centered approach to client engagements. 

Embodying a people-first culture both internally and externally, ADNET has been recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work” in Connecticut by the Hartford Business Journal each of the last eight years. The firm is ranked among the top global Managed IT Service Providers in Channel Futures’ MSP 501 list and ChannelE2E’s Top 250 Public Cloud MSP list. For more information, visit thinkadnet.com

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