ADNET Named Recipient of Marcum Tech Top 40 Award for Second Consecutive Year

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Marcum Tech Top 40 IT Services Award

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The Spam Email Stigma: You’re Not an Idiot if You Fell For It

With phishing attempts and spam emails becoming more sophisticated every day, they’re getting better at tricking people. Even the smartest person can easily make a mistake and click on something they shouldn’t. So rest assured, you’re not an idiot if you fall prey to a phishing attempt – here’s why.

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Physical Security and Cyber Defense 

When we think ‘cybersecurity’, we think firewalls, antivirus programs, and not sending money to that African prince who needs to transfer a massive amount of money into our bank accounts. With so much to think about on the digital front, it’s easy to forget some of the basic physical precautions we need to take to provide the most comprehensive protection for our data.

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Are You a Data Hoarder?

Are you a collector? I don’t mean of something elegant like china pigs or Troll dolls…I mean are you a collector of “stuff”? Do you hold on to things, some of which may have never been used, were already used or simply aren’t needed anymore?

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Gone (Spear) Phishing

General phishing attacks are much less successful than they used to be; the ‘spray and pray’ technique of sending as many emails as possible in the hopes that someone will fall for it are becoming far less useful. So, unfortunately, the bad guys are getting smarter too. That’s where spear phishing comes in.

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