ADNET Named Recipient of Marcum Tech Top 40 Award for Second Consecutive Year

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Marcum Tech Top 40 IT Services Award

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Digital Forensics: A Brief Overview

If cybersecurity is the proactive aspect of protecting electronic data, digital forensics is the reactive aspect. They are two sides of the same coin: one aims to build the wall, the other is dedicated to figuring out where and how the wall broke. They share a push-and-pull relationship and are permanently intertwined.

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Online Privacy: YOU Are The Product

A lot of people do not take “privacy” seriously enough. There is a general failure to comprehend that by clicking through an online agreement or EULA’s (End-User License Agreements) without reading or understanding, you have in fact agreed by proxy to have your data collected and mined. Surprised? Some may be shocked by what is being done with their personal data, but others, many who should know better, seem to be carefree with what they share online.

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O365 Phishing Emails Have Arrived

We’re constantly on the lookout for the latest email and phishing scams, and there’s one we have seen going around revolving around Microsoft O365. Malicious emails are a numbers game – and the more people you can send them to, the more people you’re likely to get to click on the bad link.

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Bitcoin: Why Should I Care?

You’ve probably seen a lot of words beginning with “crypto” in the news lately, and chances are you’ve heard of bitcoin – no matter where you work or what you do. Whether it was an ad on a website, or an article in a financial publication, cryptocurrencies have been getting a lot of press lately. We asked one of our security experts what you need to know about these currencies if you’re not familiar with them. 

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