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Do You Have PHI? You May, Even if You’re Not in Healthcare

Could your organization have access to protected health information (PHI)? In fact, more organizations have access to healthcare data than many people realize – and depending on their role and access to PHI, they may have legal obligations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) too.

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Update Google Chrome Right Now to Patch this Zero-Day Vulnerability

Security researchers have discovered a serious zero-day vulnerability in Google Chrome. Here’s how to check to see if you’re on the latest version, and apply an update with a security patch.

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Adobe’s Latest Zero-Day Vulnerability Makes the Case for 3rd Party Patching Policies

You may be surprised to learn that 75% of vulnerabilities found on a PC are due to flaws in 3rd party software. Case-in-point: On February 12, Adobe released a patch resolving approximately 71 vulnerabilities across multiple products, including a significant zero-day vulnerability.

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Compliance: It’s Not Just for Healthcare

Almost every business has some sort of need based around compliance – a set of guidelines commonly determined by industry. These guidelines, laws and best practices are put in place to protect your business, your clients and your partners, and the critical information being shared. Here is an overview of some of the most common compliance regulations organizations may fall under, and examples of how these regulations could impact your business.

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