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Compliance: It’s Not Just for Healthcare

 |   |  Business & Strategy, Security

Almost every business has some sort of need based around compliance – a set of guidelines commonly determined by industry. These guidelines, laws and best practices are put in place to protect your business, your clients and your partners, and the critical information being shared. Here is an overview of some of the most common compliance regulations organizations may fall under, and examples of how these regulations could impact your business.

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ADNET Technologies Team at Microsoft Inspire 2018

The 3 Most Important Considerations of your IT Strategy, and how Microsoft Azure Can Check the Boxes

 |   |  Business & Strategy, Technology

Never before have the steps to go to a cloud environment been easier, more affordable or safer than they are now. Putting your money into a new system, or refreshing an existing system must include a fair assessment of what the cloud can bring because with very few exceptions, it checks all three of those boxes.

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ADNET Technologies WorkSmart Hartford 2018

Why WorkSmart?

 |   |  Business & Strategy

You may have heard about our annual multi-city conference, WorkSmart. Maybe you have attended in the past and you know all about it; but if you haven’t, do you know why you should?

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Old Files

Are You a Data Hoarder?

 |   |  Business & Strategy

Are you a collector? I don’t mean of something elegant like china pigs or Troll dolls…I mean are you a collector of “stuff”? Do you hold on to things, some of which may have never been used, were already used or simply aren’t needed anymore?

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