Office design based on new thinking about the needs, functions and capabilities of the modern workplace

ADNET Technologies, a managed IT services, cloud and cybersecurity provider, has announced plans to move to a new office space at 3 Winners Circle in Albany, a property managed by The Rosenblum Companies. ADNET is designing its new workplace to facilitate collaboration and innovation.

Unlike a traditional office that typically provides separate, siloed spaces for heads-down work, ADNET’s new workplace will be everyone’s space. Gone are the private offices and workstations. ADNET’s new location will instead function like a gathering space where people come together to exchange information and ideas. It will harness the power of spontaneous face-to-face interaction to drive innovation and the development of new solutions.

The new Albany office coincides with another big announcement from the firm. It recently informed its team they will permanently remain in their cloud-enabled, work-from-anywhere settings.

Just as it does for its clients, ADNET has built a cloud-based and secure work-from-anywhere environment that enables its team to operate from wherever they’re most productive. After assisting its clients who were forced to embrace remote work at an unprecedented scale due to COVID-19, ADNET’s executive leadership team realized the time had come to act on an idea it had previously considered: A permanent work-from-anywhere operation that was connected by the cloud and its people-first values. The missing link, however, was developing a shared, flexible space where its team could safely come together to collaborate. This new office space in Albany is a first step toward reimagining ADNET’s work environments across all of its office locations – a step the firm believes will inspire other organizations to transform their workplaces.

“This new office is an investment in our team. It’s not about a physical space, it’s about building a culture that technologists want to be a part of,” said Christopher Luise, Co-CEO of ADNET Technologies. “At ADNET, we want our employees and our clients to feel that they belong, they’re a part of something and they can be their authentic selves –because that authenticity helps build relationships that become friendships and trusted partnerships. In our new office, we’ll provide the comfortable spaces, infrastructure and really good coffee – but we’ll rely on our team to bring the brainpower and people first attitude to make it work.”

To achieve this redefining vision for its office, ADNET has found the partner it needed with its new landlord, The Rosenblum Companies.

“We have long treated space as a service instead of a commodity, partnering with each of our clients to design uniquely inspired workplaces that offer robust amenities and emphasize wellness,” said Seth Rosenblum, CEO of The Rosenblum Companies. “In this post-WFH world, office space is no longer the place people have to be, but rather, it must be a place people want to be in order to drive collaboration and culture. We’re thrilled to be working closely with ADNET to build an environment that will become a model for its future office settings.”

ADNET will take be taking about 2,000 square feet of space on the third floor of 3 Winners Circle. The new office will feature two meeting rooms and collaboration spaces as well as a designated wellness space and kitchen area. In addition to office infrastructure such as printers, presentation screens and whiteboards, it will have the commercial-grade high-speed internet access that its employees need to be productive.

ADNET employs 60 people across its company, and it is actively recruiting more IT professionals to join its Capital Region team. In addition to the flexible work-from-anywhere environment, it offers progressive benefits packages, including a 100% covered healthcare option and a Responsible Time Off (RTO) policy that doesn’t limit the amount of time any employee can take off.

“This collaborative workplace, combined with our work-from-anywhere capabilities, will provide a unique experience for our team and drive value for our clients,” said Ronald Gibson, Albany General Manager for ADNET Technologies. “While it refines our approach to the Capital Region market, it gets back to who we are as a company. We put people first and we work to make sure their needs are met, whether they’re our colleagues, our clients or our neighbors.”

In 2020, ADNET’s successful response to client needs amid the pandemic led to significant growth. It has created opportunities to reinvest in the firm and plan for the future. As ADNET looks to continue its expansion, the firm intends to use its Albany office as a template for offices in other markets.

About ADNET Technologies

Founded in 1991, ADNET Technologies is a SOC II, Type 2 Compliant IT management and security firm with offices in Rocky Hill, CT and Albany, NY. ADNET works closely with clients to provide industry leading service across three core areas – Managed IT Services, Security, and Cloud – and is distinguished by its human-centered approach to client engagements.

Embodying a people-first culture both internally and externally, ADNET has been recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work” in Connecticut by the Hartford Business Journal each of the last eight years. The firm is ranked among the top global Managed IT Service Providers in Channel Futures’ MSP 501 list and ChannelE2E’s Top 250 Public Cloud MSP list. For more information, visit

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