April 22, 2020: ADNET Technologies, an IT management and security firm, has pledged to support its employees, clients and communities as local economies across the country continue to be battered by the economic storm caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was one of the first in the nation to sign the “MSP Stimulus Pledge” – a commitment to protect jobs, contribute to economic stability and build for the future.

ADNET is calling on its industry peers and competitors to join them in taking the pledge.

The initiative has already gathered over 20 IT service providers that have all committed to using any government assistance, such as Paycheck Protection Program loans, to meet the objectives of the federal stimulus legislation: keeping people employed and the economy moving. Combined, these firms have committed to protecting over 750 jobs.

“During these anxious times, we want our team and their families to be assured that we’ll get through this together. We’ll rely on our culture of shared responsibility and mutual stewardship to guide our company forward,” said ADNET Technologies Co-CEO Christopher Luise. “By protecting jobs and promoting stability, this pledge also represents a commitment to our clients that ADNET will continue to provide them with the IT operations and security support they need, especially during this period of remote workforces and staggered shifts.”

Supporters of the pledge hope to build a coalition of at least 100 organizations that commit to protecting over 2,000 jobs.

“Every company will have a part to play in our economic recovery. This is our way of saying we’ll do our part,” Luise added. “We encourage more companies to join us.”

The MSP Stimulus Pledge asks organizations to use stimulus funds to commit to:

  • Avoiding layoffs of staff and pay reductions
  • Paying bills on time
  • Providing no increase in owner’s compensation
  • Working as partners with our vendors without demanding concessions simply because we can use the leverage of economic conditions
  • Running our businesses in a manner that creates a strong foundation for our employees and clients into a new future

The pledge was launched by Greystone Technology, a Colorado-based managed IT services provider. Further details, including a full list of companies that have taken the pledge, are available at mspstimuluspledge.com.

ADNET employs 60 people at its offices in Albany, New York and Rocky Hill, Connecticut.