What you need to know about the Kaspersky Security Software Ban

The US Government announced Russian controlled Kaspersky Antivirus will be banned due to national security concerns. Kaspersky will be required to stop all operations to the US by September 29th, 2024. This includes the sales of software or services, and updates to existing products. This expands on an existing ban placed on the product for Federal agencies several years ago. In this blog, we’ll help you navigate making the change from Kaspersky antivirus to a more modern, secure solution.

What Kaspersky tools are banned?

On September 30th, 2024, millions of devices in the US will become vulnerable as Kaspersky’s software is no longer supported. Over the last 27 years, Kaspersky products have become embedded into Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices. Their longstanding history and widespread industry impact creates a vast network of devices that will become easy targets for threat actors.

The threat is very real. Device vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited by hackers all over the world. These newly unprotected devices will be exposed to common cybersecurity threats like ransomware, phishing, business email compromise, and more.

What should I do if I’m using Kaspersky?

For organizations, there are many more advanced applications for protecting your critical data. If you’re still using antivirus, you’re missing out on the more comprehensive protection that modern cybersecurity solutions offer. You can choose another reputable antivirus solution, but we suggest looking at alternative technologies. This is the perfect opportunity to evaluate endpoint detection and response (EDR) instead of traditional antivirus. If you’re looking for an even more comprehensive solution, there’s managed detection and response (MDR) as well. Systems should also be in place to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

You’ll also need to consider the implications of those employees that don’t update their own personal device protection. If they connect to your business network with an unprotected computer, tablet, or phone, they put your business at risk. Having security solutions in place to help ensure secure access for everyone can help mitigate this risk.

We recommend that home users uninstall any Kaspersky products and install a comparable product manufactured and supported in the US.

What are the risks of not updating?

Hackers globally will exploit any vulnerability they can. Whether it’s personal or business, the goal is the same – to access and monetize your data.

It’s imperative that you identify any Kaspersky products you have, and quickly take steps to replace them. Review your current security posture to mitigate any potential impact to the safety of your network, and your data.

Need help, or have questions or concerns about protecting your systems? Reach out to ADNET – we’re happy to have a conversation about your cybersecurity needs and make recommendations customized to your unique business environment and goals.

Craig Stephenson is a proud member of InfraGard Albany. InfraGard is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and members of the private sector for the protection of U.S. Critical Infrastructure.