In one form or another, I have been in the IT industry for more than thirty years. Much of that time has been with ADNET Technologies, from co-founding the organization in 1991 to reimagining it in 2008, and again in 2021. As a longtime Managed Service Provider (MSP), ADNET has seen a massive evolution in the industry. We have learned so much, from deepening relationships with our clients, to creating a winning team culture and continually expanding our skillsets. We’ve established partnerships we’re extremely grateful for, and we pride ourselves on being a partner of choice. In fact, partnership is exactly why we recently launched an independent cybersecurity firm, MachBlue Defense. MSPs can leverage MachBlue Defense to offer advanced cybersecurity services to their clients.

ADNET’s cybersecurity services

We started offering security services to ADNET clients more than ten years ago. There was a tremendous need for them – and not much relevant availability within our industry. The importance of having experts readily available to help with incident response and proactive security services was clear. We needed to be able to provide our clients with cybersecurity expertise they could trust and services to help protect them from constantly evolving threats.

ADNET’s cybersecurity services developed based on immediate needs. We kept asking ourselves, “what else can we do to help clients?” Our efforts initially focused on reacting to the threats we were seeing and helping businesses defend against them. As we deepened our involvement in the security community, we started advising clients to adopt more proactive solutions. We‘re adamant, for example, about risk assessments – you can’t defend against threats if you don’t know where your weaknesses are.

It doesn’t matter how good your IT is if it’s left unprotected. We help clients develop and implement comprehensive security strategies. Our services are backed by our Security Operations Center (SOC) and team, rather than just plug and play security toolsets. Anyone can install software, but having experienced, credentialed security professionals overseeing it is what makes the difference. We have always emphasized the importance of security – and we always will. That’s why ADNET’s cybersecurity services will now be backed by MachBlue Defense.

MachBlue’s Cybersecurity Team

ADNET has several team members with an unmatched passion for and focus on security. They’ve achieved numerous high-level security certifications and never stop taking their knowledge to the next level. Their dedication has helped us grow our security practice immeasurably and enabled clients to take a proactive approach toward security, and I’m deeply grateful for their skill and commitment.

Over the years, I have watched with pride as the team refined their skills and achieved the ranks of OSCP, CEH, CISSP, CHFI, and most recently CMMC-RP. Security isn’t something you can sleep on. It requires constant vigilance, continued learning and commitment. Our team embodies this.

MachBlue for MSPs

Now, we’re ready to share our expertise and experience with organizations of all sizes and types, nationwide, through MachBlue Defense. Our goal is to be a trusted partner of choice for ADNET clients as well as other MSPs.

Providing independent, non-competitive security services allows us to help other MSPs who focus on IT, supplementing and expanding existing services by giving access to our security offerings. We understand the unique challenges MSPs face when it comes to offering security services – we’ve experienced them firsthand at ADNET.

Why MSPs Partner with MachBlue Defense

Evaluating partnerships is a balancing act. It can be challenging to provide additional services and give clients access to the best tools and experts when there’s concern that potential partners will sell directly to your clients. ADNET has been through that, and won’t put any of our partners in that position. So that’s why MachBlue Defense focuses on partnering directly (and transparently) with MSPs. We respect our partners and value their trust. When you bring MachBlue Defense in, it’s clear that we’re there for security services and nothing else. MachBlue Defense is the only brand your clients will see (other than yours!).

Establishing true separation between ADNET and MachBlue Defense is something we’re committed to – for our clients and partners. Not only does this prevent competitive situations, but we’re able to offer independently audited security services. This layer of objectivity provides rigorous evaluations of risk, for ADNET and any MSP working with MachBlue. 

Our security team is just that – their ONLY focus is security. That’s it. In small to midsized businesses, it’s not uncommon for people to “wear many hats.” Our security professionals have a singular focus. While we have many team members with backgrounds in IT, their roles at MachBlue are built entirely around security.

Limited access to tools and on-call experts shouldn’t ever put your clients at risk. We formed MachBlue Defense to make sure all MSPs have access to security professionals for their clients when they need it. We look forward to being a security partner you can trust.

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