May 1, 2017

ADNET Technologies, in partnership with MARCUM LLP, welcomes the business community to WorkSmart Hartford 2017 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, Connecticut on Thursday, May 18th. WorkSmart Hartford is an all-day technology, business and security conference with informative and interactive sessions, panels and presentations.

WorkSmart Hartford is presented by ADNET, MARCUM LLP and ADNET’s trusted partners to their experiences with the business community at no cost to attendees of the summit. Included among the WorkSmart Hartford 2017 partners are Continuum, Intermedia, Brocade, Triple Helix Corporation, ACT Group, Sonicwall and SphereGen.

The 2017 morning Keynote Presentation will be delivered by the newly appointed Chief Cybersecurity Risk Officer of the State of Connecticut, Arthur House, who will be discussing his focus on creating a Cybersecurity Action Plan for Connecticut. The afternoon Keynote Presentation will be delivered by Daniel A. Schwartz, Partner at Shipman & Goodwin, who will advise the audience on practical ways for organizations to embrace new technologies while reducing legal risk. Additional speakers throughout the day will be presenting on a variety of evolving business, security and IT trends.

“WorkSmart is such a unique event because it evolves each year based on our clients’ business needs,” said Christopher Luise, Executive Vice President of ADNET Technologies. “Each year, our partners and subject matter experts from the ADNET team come together to share their knowledge with the business community. It’s exciting for us to be part of these interactive discussions that change the way people do business.”

To register for the event on May 18, 2017 and to learn more about the agenda, please visit