Tim Weber

Director, Security Services

Tim Weber, Director of Security Services, has been with ADNET since 1994. Tim began his career as a Systems Engineer and rapidly progressed into a leadership role as Director of Infrastructure Services in 1999, focusing on the continual growth and development of ADNET’s service delivery team, and on the evolution of ADNET’s delivery model. In 2018, Tim became Director, Security Services, responsible for leading ADNET’s dedicated Security practice.

Tim works with our clients to align their overall IT vision and goals with creating and maintaining secure environments focused on compliance, disaster recovery and physical and cyber security. While providing strategic guidance, Tim and his team of security analysts and engineers also work to implement security and disaster recovery best practices, increase security awareness at an organizational level, and establish IT security Governance models. His passion for proactive security is apparent in everything he does. Tim is also a frequent speaker at ADNET and other industry events and strives to help his audience think differently about their IT and security challenges. 

Tim serves his community as Deputy Chief with the Lost Acres Volunteer Fire Department and enjoys teaching local students about fire prevention and safety. Tim maintains a blog and frequently draws parallels between his work as a firefighter and an IT security advisor.  


  • CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional

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Tim Weber