Mott Corporation (“Mott”) is a manufacturing company specializing in filtration and flow control solutions, with two locations in Farmington, CT and clients all over the world. With its commitment to innovation and high performance applications, Mott is always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of its onsite operations.

Mott had previously been using an onsite storage solution for servers. This involved having several racks and a dedicated space to house numerous servers and disks, which took up valuable square footage and required an immense amount of power to run. The organization desired a solution that would allow them to free up space in the facility while improving performance and still fulfilling the business needs. It was imperative that the solution be simple and adaptable.

ADNET was engaged to consolidate Mott’s existing servers and optimize the network using server virtualization. Server virtualization offered the organization the benefit of a reduced physical footprint, while actually increasing the utilization of existing hardware.

Over a period of several months, ADNET transitioned Mott into a new virtualized network, ultimately giving Mott the opportunity to remove several storage servers and eighty disks from the premises. Now, the facility is using a much smaller space to house the remaining servers and gaining increased performance of their applications and operating systems.

Having virtualized the network, the company is now able to run several operating systems and applications simultaneously from one server, with each one getting the exact resources needed to function at peak performance. Mott has also been able to maximize their physical space by cutting the amount of room taken up by on premise servers in half. One of the largest benefits of this implementation is that the organization has experienced an energy savings of thousands of dollars a year, due to the reduced power usage.