Leading Northeast Construction Firm Takes a Proactive Approach to IT

Fortunato Construction Group (“Fortunato”) has grown over 20 years into one of the Northeast’s leading construction management and general contracting firms, serving clients in retail, education, real estate development and other industries.

ADNET was engaged by Fortunato to assist the firm with evaluating its IT infrastructure including security of its systems and strategic technology investments aligned to the firm’s business goals.  ADNET’s initial review covered critical business line applications, hardware efficiency, optimal system uptime and employee productivity imperatives.

ADNET realized that in order to support its growing business, Fortunato required a consistent and proactive approach to managing its IT systems.  ADNET was able to collaborate with Fortunato in designing an IT infrastructure focused on supporting its employees’ productivity and business needs.

Next, ADNET worked with Fortunato to help the firm change its approach to making IT investments from unpredictable and reactive capital expenses to a more sustainable ongoing operating expense model. ADNET began this initiative by moving Fortunato’s email system to a cloud-based solution, providing a seamless transition of email services in a more cost-effective, flexible and predictable manner.

ADNET offers ongoing and proactive support to Fortunato through its Managed DesktopCare and ServerCare monitoring solutions, as well as its ServerVault backup and disaster recovery solution. Through these services, ADNET is alerted to problems affecting Fortunato’s IT systems and can quickly begin support and remediation. ADNET now serves as Fortunato’s IT partner, allowing the firm to shift focus from daily IT operations to its core business.  With this new business model, Fortunato can continue to focus on growing its business and providing a high level of service to its clients.


Leading Northeast Construction Firm Takes a Proactive Approach to IT