CT Clothing Designer and Manufacturer Uses Business Intelligence to Track Sales

New England Mercantile Group is a small Connecticut company with a big reach. From offices in Rocky Hill, the company designs and sells bamboo fabrics, high end silks and other clothing to customers around the world. New England Mercantile Group has a unique market, offering everything from towels to pajamas and intimate apparel to its customers. To suit the needs of its growing business, New England Mercantile Group wanted a way to extract the data on sales and inventory from several systems and use it to give clients an even better experience shopping with the company.

ADNET was engaged to help New England Mercantile Group turn their data into reports that would allow them to maintain the most up to date inventory, track and forecast sales, and monitor incoming feedback from their clients around the world.

Most of New England Mercantile Group’s sales are via the Amazon Store, with a high percentage occurring during the weeks prior to major gift-giving holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Sales forecasting and maintaining inventory during these specific “crunch times” is critical to success, but extracting that information from Amazon can be difficult and labor intensive.

One of New England Mercantile Group’s priorities is noticing and responding to negative or neutral online reviews. New England Mercantile Group has a commitment to quality and customer service, but like any small business it can be at the mercy of a delivery delay from a third-party shipping service, or a product selection error in distribution. Quickly responding to online customer complaints, especially during the critical holiday periods, can make a significant positive difference in sales.

ADNET wrote a series of programs to automate the timely download of sales and inventory data from Amazon to an on-premise database server using the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 suite of tools. ADNET created an array of reports that are delivered to key New England Mercantile Group staff members using SQL Reporting Services subscriptions. Sales and inventory data reports are now pushed out daily, providing employees with the most up to date information. A special daily report is delivered to the staff on the rare occasion when “negative” or “neutral” feedback is posted for one of New England Mercantile Group’s products. ADNET also imported geographic data available on the public domain and state population data to create a color coded map of the United States, showing sales per capita by state to help New England Mercantile Group determine where their products are most popular.

With this new visibility into its customer base, New England Mercantile Group is able to market more effectively and forecast sales with greater precision. Now that client feedback is automatically being monitored and reported on, the New England Mercantile team is also able to resolve any client issues in a timely manner, preserve their reputation and continue to provide excellent customer service.