Business Intelligence Increases Internal Efficiency for Call Centers

Eastern Account System is a large company working with a wide range of clients to help them recoup lost revenue through its call centers. The team needed a way to process and filter the data they were collecting on statistics within the call centers. The goal was to gain insight from existing data in order to maximize employee efficiency, increase revenue and show its clients a measurable result by providing accurate reports. ADNET was engaged to help define a solution using Business Intelligence, a set of techniques that help transform data into its most useful form.

In initial meetings with ADNET, Eastern Account System expressed a desire to have more insight on both proactive and incoming calls, as well as a way to determine high volume times by gathering data on who was calling and what time the calls were being placed. The organization wanted the ability to cross reference data and not only measure metrics based on dates and times, but on the performance of individual employees. This comparison of data would allow for more accurate reporting and provide clarification on how long different agents were spending on calls, what the results were and how many were being made within a set time frame. Eastern Account System’s primary line of business data was being stored in three separate systems. ADNET was able to bring this data together into a single data warehouse through a series of Integration Services.

ADNET filtered the information by setting up a three-dimensional view of data, also known as a data cube, to import sets of data from various sources for comparison. Filtering the data in this way allowed for a major cleanup of the database. Eliminating many redundancies such as multiple entries for the same person due to minor differences created much more accurate results.

Eastern Account System is able to utilize the data warehouse created by ADNET that now stores its data to show clients easily generated reports that give an accurate, detailed account of all incoming and outgoing calls and their results. These reports provide Eastern Account System’s clients with a measurable result shown in a cohesive, comprehensive package. Prior to having a data warehouse, Eastern had no detailed numbers on agent productivity. Now, management can objectively measure agent productivity across a wide range of selection parameters. Gaining a better understanding of employee performance at a very detailed level also allows Eastern Account System to increase internal efficiency.

ADNET was able to help Eastern Account System capitalize on its existing data across multiple systems to recuperate resources, gain more detailed metrics and clean up their database. Using Business Intelligence, Eastern Account System can now make business decisions based on more accurate, comprehensive data.

Business Intelligence Increases Internal Efficiency for Call Centers